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Resist Experimental Event for Black Box

Resist Experimental Event for Black Box

With another stunning AVA in the bag, Belfast shows scant evidence of slowing down as a city bristling with passion, resoluteness and ingenuity. To that end, Resist founder Koichi – with the support of Arts Council of Northern IrelandHelp Musicians Northern IrelandArts and Humanities Research Council – AHRCSound and Music – has announced a fascinating day/night of workshops, talks and music to be held in the Black Box on 7th July.

‘Imagining Futures’ will see artists interpret what destiny may hold through aural and visual expression, which “may be utopian, apocalyptic, intentional, subconscious, prophetic, deterministic and everything in between – yet undoubtedly musicians and artists are compelled to imagine through creating.”

Koichi describes the synopsis: “Throughout the day’s event, we will be exploring: what experimental and creative practices teach us about the future; ways imagining the future can bring meaning to the present; as well as challenging the panellists and audience to imagine their “perfect world scenario” futures, and devising concrete steps we could take to come closer to those visions”.

Performing that night will be Lorenzo Senni (Warp Records), Shiva Feshareki (NTS), Paul Stapleton, Ricki O’Rawe, and a Koichi’s collab with Helena Hamilton as ‘KANDH’.

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