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Spree Announce Forthcoming New Album – Mannish Water

Northern Ireland based drum & bass act Spree have announced the imminent arrival of their new LP titled Mannish Water. The collection of unreleased and highly sought after tracks from the archives include some absolute gems from the past 20 years of their productions and many collaborations.

9 January 2021 Local Music  News Read more

AVA Announce The Mother Of All Events For 2020

AVA Belfast have announced their biggest line up to date and also revealed a new location for the ground breaking electronic music festival. 

5 February 2020 News Read more


We all have those friends who love their animals more than they love their humans. Spotify have picked up on this and offered their creature loving subscribers the chance to harmonise their moods with that of their furry (or scaly) friends. 

29 January 2020 Music  News Read more

The Chemical Brothers Celebrate

The Chemical Brothers Celebrate

Long standing kings of the big electronic beat The Chemical Brothers have only gone and landed themselves the much coveted award for Best Dance Album with their ninth studio LP, ‘No Geography’ as well as the award for Best Dance Recording with ‘Got To Keep On’

27 January 2020 News Read more


Paul Woolford under his Special Request alias popped into Belfast Underground Records 06-02-19 and delivered the mother of all guest mixes. Featuring tracks from himself Kenny Larkin, Mall Grab, LFO and many more crammed into 45 minutes of bleeped out bliss.

27 January 2020 Belfast Underground Radio  Music  News Read more

Calvin Harris Has A Go At ‘Techno’

Globetrotting DJ, superstar producer and general music royalty Calvin Harris has shared the first two tracks from his new project, ‘CP-1’ and ‘Hypnagogic. Citing Paul Woolford / Special Request as a main influence whilst speaking to Annie Mac a couple of days ago.

25 January 2020 Music  News Read more

String Ninjas Announce First Release.

Belfast’s unique violin & guitar duo String Ninjas get ready to drop their own blend of cinematic soundscaping into the public domain this year. Here it is, “On His Shoulders” is the first of the duo’s original, cinematic styled recordings that they shall be releasing and is a much anticipated addition to the local music scene.

This piece tells the tale of a father and son lost in the rain. The father reflects on how much his son has transformed and inspired his life for the better, and uses his love to guide them to safety.

Belfast’s Cloud 9 Studios recorded and produced the single.

If you haven’t already done so, take a moment to check out this seriously talented duo and give them a follow.

20 January 2020 News Read more

Lyndon Stephens

We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of one of the finest men in the Northern Ireland music scene, Lyndon Stephens. 

10 January 2020 Local Music  Music  News Read more

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