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Achtung U2!!

Dublin rock gods U2 have had a $5 million lawsuit filed against them regarding their perceived plagiarism of an obscure instrumental piece that allegedly found its way onto their 1991 blockbuster, Achtung Baby.

English songwriter Paul Rose has accused Bono et al of appropriating elements of his piece, ‘Nae Slappin’ and using them to help create ‘The Fly’, the first single released from the rockers’ 7th album.

According to the writ, Rose sent a demo tape to Island Records – to which U2 were signed – in 1989, and that it made its way around the company. 2 years later ‘The Fly’ was released, signalling the arrival of the band’s new album and a creative rebirth.

26 years after Achtung Baby’s release, Rose has demanded songwriting credits as well as the aforementioned $5 million in damages. You can listen to the two tracks below and make your own mind up:

U2, ‘The Fly’

Paul Rose, ‘Nae Slappin’

U2 will perform at Dublin’s Croke Park in July to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their seminal ‘The Joshua Tree’.

17 May 2017 News

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