STEVIE NICKS - Bella Donna - Album Review

STEVIE NICKS – Bella Donna – Album Review

STEVIE NICKS – Bella Donna – Album Review


I pride myself on getting through life without developing many crushes along the way, but for this particular lady I made an exception.

I first brought this woman’s music into my home in the mid 80’s and since then she has been the perfect travelling house guest, moving with me from home to home, always there when you need a cheer up and always on hand for guidance when times get tough.

From way before I was old enough to appreciate the female voice in all of its glory I have admired this most amazing of singers on a level like very few others.

From beautiful, heartfelt ballads such as “Kind Of Woman” and “After The Glitter Fades” to absolute vocal piledrivers such as “Edge Of Seventeen” and “Stop Daggin My Heart Around” this album has everything that i could possibly need if i was stranded on a deserted island, obviously with a music player and a power source!

If you do nothing else productive this evening I urge you to take 42 minutes and reacquaint yourself with this album.

You will struggle to find a stronger collection of perfect songs and perfect vocals anywhere in the music archives.

This lady has survived drug addictions, relationship breakdowns and every form of music industry stress over the years. The fact that she’s still performing at 75 years of age and looks amazing is testament to the strength of her character.

Until tomorrow

Have a lovely evening.


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