Ruff Stuff & Bress Underground – Foundations EP – SlothBoogie


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Ruff Stuff & Bress Underground – Foundations EP – SlothBoogie


Ruff Stuff teams up with Bress Underground for a long-awaited return to SB… a new collection of Deep House tracks of the highest order from these Italian House Heads. ‘Foundations’ is a steam roller of a track calling on Ruff Stuff’s love for Mr.G, with some tasty French House accents adding a nice funk factor. ‘Sliding Sine’ makes us wanna go felt pelt on an Autobahn with its rich bass stabs under late night synth echoes with tough drum programming.

Bress Underground comes aboard to collab on the next two tracks and makes his presence felt. ‘The Community’ is a punchy gospel House cut with crackling vocal samples and trippy chord patterns. ‘Something About It’ closes the EP with expertly chopped vocals and jacked out grooves, more catchy chords, and some irresistible rolllllling London style bass.

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