Josh Wink – The Ci-Devant EP – House Of Efunk Records


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Josh Wink – The Ci-Devant EP – House Of Efunk Records


An EP based on nostalgic feelings of bygone days. Deep electronic grooves and melodies are mixed with intense emotional musicality that transports you to the past… Resulting in a ‘hands up in the air’ feeling, where the rush of music bathes you in warmth and remembrance, showcasing Wink’s diverse range of production and artistry on each cut.

“12 months of Longing” begins with a pounding 909 kick that soon gets flooded with funky percussion building up to the 1st break of lush keys and swirling beats. The production continues leading into bouncing bass and a serious groove, that evolves into a rhythmic pause where soaring strings, and melodies build and build leading to an intense crescendo that will blow the roof off.

“Sexy Bot” is a title which suits this sexy tune. It’s journey begins with latin rhythms and is quickly joined with repetitive stabs and ascending pads, that spirals around you, directing the path of music that unfolds into a Detroit inspired musical progression. Symphonic string plucks leads you into a break of serious sexy melodies that explodes into a rolling bassline that will elevate any listener into another sexy feel good echelon.

“Used to Be” quickly guides you to a signature wink acid bassline, that writhes its way to an infectious groove that is soon complimented by a hauntingly smooth analog synth, advancing into a sensual musical progression. Wink then adds his voice to the song, with simple and effective contemplative words “The way I used to be”, endorsing the overall nostalgic feeling of this unique and diverse EP.

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