Frankie Knuckles 10 Years Gone

Frankie Knuckles is 10 years gone today.

I can’t overstate too much the significance of this man’s impact on the formation of house music, and the electronic music genre as a whole. I feel a great sense of gratitude for how his productions helped shape my early musical viewpoints, and still do to this day.

This particular track was originally recorded by Jamie Principle and released in 1986, it would have been classed as one of the first house tracks.

Knuckles played the record to death in his sets and it quickly gathered serious momentum in the clubs.

A year later Trax Records signed the song which Knuckles then reproduced and his name was added as the artist and Principle the songwriter.

The track is possibly most recognisable to the younger audience from the main sample that was borrowed from it to create The Source & Candi Staton’s massive worldwide smash hit “You Got The Love” in 1989

This is just one of life’s iconic music pieces and one of hundreds of reasons that fully establish the well deserved tag that Frankie Knuckles gained as “The Godfather Of House”