Crossfires get ready to take on the world

Every now and then something happens in the world of music. Call it a siesmic shift or a perfectly timed opening of doors, i can’t be 100% sure which. What i do know however is that

when something fresh and exciting materialises in the sonic universe, people respond, latch on and most importantly, support in numbers.

In The Crossfire Hurricanes i see a passion, an infectious energy and willing to get right back to a solid foundation of raw, heartfelt rock music with a good old fashioned ‘don’t fuck with us’ attitude. This is something that only gets to raise its head occasionally in the Irish music scene. I make a UK comparison and rewind back to 1994 and an exciting time when a couple of fresh faced, up & coming Gallagher brothers dropped in with the two fingers up to the world bombshell that was ‘Definitely Maybe’ 

Now as we rapidly approach 2017, Brendan, Pol, Owen and Niall are deservedly beginning to climb up the local ladder with a view to fanning out nationwide and slowly invading all of the UK, Europe..and in time…the world!

I firmly believe that if these guys can continue to provide the songs and determination that they have already displayed, they have a seriously bright future and will be something for our country to be proud of..for years to come.

After their rip roaring recent Belfast launch party and some heavy duty studio recording..the fruits of their labour can now be found in the excellent video (below) of the lead track from their Romancing Revolution EP

Produced by Thomas James Scott and Steve Earley
Directed by Thomas James Scott
Cinematography by Steve Earley and Conor McCormick
Editing and Effects by Steve Earley
Pre-Production Assistants: Jonny Morrison, Taylor Gilmore, Niamh Nixon, and Tiarna Brennan


Recorded at Cloud 9 Studios At Belfast Underground

Engineered by Graeme Laverty