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Belfast Underground’s rapidly growing local artist department is proud to welcome the brilliant Belfast based Post-Grunge / Rock Band PLAGUE ARTISTS to its bulging retail racks. These guys formed in 2012 and their story so far is one of passion, perseverance and an immensely talented band beginning to get its just rewards.

29 January 2019 Local Music  News Read more

Are you a local artist and want to sell more music?

We’re pretty confident that the answer to that question would be a resounding YES!
So! This year Belfast Underground get ready to launch a new designated area in our record shop giving local bands
and recording artists a chance to showcase their music on prime retail shelf space and sell to the public on either CD or vinyl. We feel that the sales presence for local artists on record stores shelves has dwindled in recent years and we wish to slowly change that.
If you are interested in learning more about how the system will work and how to get involved, please get in contact below.

12 October 2018 Local Music  Music  News Read more