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Cybernalia to rock Bangor once again.

Cybernalia to rock Bangor once again.

The Cybernalia guys return for another night of quality house & progressive grooves at Bangor’s cool Hop House venue on Saturday 16th November 2019. This time the lads are joined by one of Northern Ireland’s most respected DJs Phil Sloan.

Expect a night of twisted, dirty grooves and punchy, percussive monsters.

The lads shall be joining Phil Sloan on his monthly radio show at Belfast Underground for a promo guest mix on Saturday 9th Nov from 4pm – 6pm

Cybernalia are Arkis Elwood (41) and Bryan Corr (39) from Bangor, Northern Ireland .

Both Arkis and Bryan have been involved in the Northern Irish dance scene for over 25 years ,DJing in most of the province’s club since the early 1990’s.

The duo began producing their own music in 2010 which ranges from house/progressive/techno through to indie. They made their production debut in 2011 on Baroque records with their first ep ‘Pictures / Blind faith’. Since then they have gone on to release over 100 original tracks and remixes on labels such as stellar fountain , suffused music , sounds of juan , Baroque and the mainstay of their material with the renowned Stripped Muzik Management brand where in 2018 stripped recordings released Cybernalia’s first full 16 track studio album ‘Little Heroes’ which went top 10 across many genres on all major platforms. Earlier this year Cybernalia independently released their latest album , a massive 50 track offering ‘poisoned April’ containing a full spectrum of their musical genres from chillout through to techno which can be obtained through their soundcloud page

Lately the pair have been focusing on creating their own local events under the mantle of ‘Cybernalia Presents’ , concentrating in their hometown of bangor with very succesful nights in ‘the rabbit rooms’ and a continual booking of dates currently with ‘the Hop House’ . They base their events on an intimate style club night focusing on a music policy of house & techno and have recently added northern Ireland legend Phil Sloan and young local talent dj Reece Rodgers to the team as interest from a dedicated following increases as each event takes place.

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