Ben Sun – Apex EP – Cyphon Recordings


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Ben Sun – Apex EP – Cyphon Recordings


Following on from Anoesis’ standout Stasislogue EP, Cyphon look to the interstellar offerings of Ben Sun for the next release on the label. On an axis that Cyphon are fast becoming known for, Ben presents four spine tingling, celestial cuts that balance weight, precision and emotion with a distinct solar flair.

Having released on the likes of Housewax, Delusions of Grandeur and Utopia Records, Ben Sun has sculpted a sound that exudes warmth from it’s rays, whether plotting a disco trajectory or looking to the atmospheres of house and techno. The Apex EP sees Ben orbit the latter, with opening track ‘Tether’ as enticing an opener as you could ask for. Modulated arps and dreamstate voices build into a deep yet powerful techno-leaning cut, doused in engulfing pads and peaking toplines.

Following this, ‘Self – Other’ is a rich, Detroit-flavoured journey travelling from galaxy to galaxy. Marrying an electro funk feeling with synth strings and acid touches, atop a chunky bass and potent kick.

Take to the B side to see Sun hit deep space for the title cut, serving up a hypnotising slice of mind-bending electronica meets atmospheric techno. Otherworldly arps run your mind in circles, the bassline grooves across dimensions, before an enchanting breakdown opens out into a euphoric universe.

Closing out this trip, ‘Shores Of Minds’ serves up a 303-infused hit of mesmerising textures and glistening sonics. Heads down business, with Sun’s signature stabs anchoring this trance-inducing jam.

Blending the classic and contemporary, Ben Sun’s Apex EP hits that sweet spot that straddles the space and time between the two. As far in the future, as it is in feeling the past, with a gravitational pull that draws you in closer with every new element added.


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