Andy Bainbridge – Up Too Much – Not An Animal Records – 12″


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Andy Bainbridge – Up Too Much – Not An Animal Records – 12″


For his debut solo release on Not An Animal, label co-pilot Andy Bainbridge serves up a raw, late-night house dub, accompanied by sizzling remixes from Donald’s House & Komodo for good measure.

Up Too Much starts simply, evoking house classics of old. Dubby percussion sets the genre but don’t be fooled, the Buchla synth wobbles that form the track’s melody, delicately placed acid sprinkles and a vocal garnish A-typical to the host label bring the track squarely into the modern day to form a tough yet gentle roller.

Next off the pass is the Donald’s House remix, finely weaving the essence of the original mix into a proggy sidewinder, highlighting the acid arps previously lurking in the background and slowly melting the track into a delicious trancey mess.

Meanwhile Komodo kicks things off in a classic Chicago style ; claps, stabs and all, with vocal samples adding that extra texture for the knockout punch.

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