AC/DC – Highway To Hell – Album Review

AC/DC – Highway To Hell – Album Review

I spoke in a recent review about my beliefs of there being two Black Sabbath’s.

Without a shadow of a doubt, 100%, without question, in the same breath…there are two AC/DCs

With this powerhouse of bands, who reigns supreme though between both frontmen, Bon Scott? or Brian Johnson?

This album dropped at a time when it was still acceptable to whip children in schools, and topless women calendars were displayed on the walls of car mechanic garages across the nation. I remember both of those things vividly, with somewhat different emotions.

This album was one of my first entries into the debaucherous world of proper rock music. No band, to me anyway, has ever written hooks and chord progressions like these guys.

My brother was heavily into rock & metal back then, and every young boy looks up to their big bro. My love of the harder sides of music was something that he introduced me to and it has stuck with me throughout my entire life.

I could say Angus Young is a genius but that would be a disservice to the other band members, each of whom pull together in such perfect harmony on this album. One different member could have made a colossal difference to how these guys click.

AC/DC are still a band that I listen to when I need to psych myself up, get a little bit of instant attitude, or just put some shit into perspective, which Is a hell of lot.

I have many many favourite tracks spread over many of their LPs but album wise Highway To Hell is in the top two for its sheer level of massive lead line hookery throughout. This album is TIGHT! on every level and I say that with immense confidence.

You will struggle to find a collection of power chords on a par with this album, anywhere! The songs, vocals, musicianship and production on here have enough energy to power a small country. “Girls Got Rhythm” is the ultimate in late night motorway driving music. “Touch To Much” is a foot stomping classic that tells the tale of a steamy night of passion, as do many of DC’s songs.

People still sing along to many AC/DC songs, not actually grasping the heavyweight innuendo involved in nearly every song. Never will you hear the sexual act explained in such a subtle, artistic, and non crass way.

This record is just perfection to me.

RIP Bon Scott

RIP Malcolm Young




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