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Previously releasing tracks and EPs on several respected big room labels such as Drumcode, Kraftek and Noir, Dutch DJ/producer SAMA announces the arrival of his new darker, grittier label Maximalist_Minimalist. Showcasing his new sound, the Utrecht- based DJ/producer delivers four hard-hitting, groove-led techno tracks built with intricate sound design and a perfectionist mindset.

Leading the release is ‘Onyankopon’, a dark and dubby number with a chunky groove and gritty percussion. ‘I Reject What I Just Said’ enters harder and more driving territories, with textured sound design meeting polyrhythmic synth stabs and eerie atmospheres. The B-side starts with the trippy leads and atonal pads of ‘One Small Mistake’, before ‘And All Of A Sudden, I Was Free’ closes out the release with a driving roller.

“I’ve felt the need to reinvent myself, to really create my own identity, and not attach myself too much to other labels anymore. For this reason, I ultimately set up this imprint: to provoke myself to become the artist that I so much adore and aspire to be. That’s why this brand will serve as an extension of myself; my creative identity, if you will.” – SAMA

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