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Moton Records Inc Marc Roberts Edits MOTON RECORDS INC


RELEASE DATE 15-04-2022

Moton Records Inc Marc Roberts Edits MOTON RECORDS INC

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Product Description

Moton Records Inc Marc Roberts Edits MOTON RECORDS INC

Moton Records enlist the expertise of Bali’s best, Marc Roberts, to take listeners on a global jaunt of musical exploration. From London to Rio via New York, and road tested on the dance floors and beaches of Bali, Marc serves up four more Bintang fuelled edits, effortlessly gravitating from low-slung balearica to hi-octane funk – with a dash of Brazilian disco and pop thrown in for good measure.

Early DJ Support:
Luke Unabomber, Ashley Beedle, Jo Mills, Danielle Moore Crazy P Worldwide FM Play, Si Kurrage, Craig Smith, Graham Dee, Damian Charles, Irfan Rainy, Nick Welton

Well here we are a couple of decades later and you cannot ignore probably the best edit label in the world! Now on it’s 47th release the Moton gang have commissioned Marc Roberts to slice and splice four beautiful cuts that range from disco, latin, funk and sleazy grooves that fit beautifully into the Moton universe. All cuts are essential. Another killer Moton release!
Ashley Beedle

Glorious stuff! Love these. I think my faves are the camp ballroom glitterness of King Of Nice Days and the sleezy mellow bump of U No. I think I’ll give U No a spin on Monday. Ace!
Rocky (X-Press 2)

As soon as I heard the bass line the track pulled me in….Then came the vocal which actually brought tears to my eyes its such a beautiful emotional lyric and his silky soulful deep voice hits every nerve….Giving me goose bumps! Beautifully produced piece of music that doesn’t fit in any box nor does it need too.
Jo Mills