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LUCA AGNELLI – Thermionic – Etruria Beat Italy


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LUCA AGNELLI – Thermionic – Etruria Beat Italy

Luca Agnelli is back on Etruria Beat with “THERMIONIC EP” after his latest deep and dark “Source Drops” album, while closing 2021 with the long awaited track “FREE ON THE DANCEFLOOR”.

Produced originally in march 2020, during the first pandemic lockdown, and patiently waited for the restrictions to be over, the 4 tracker ep contains ” FREE ON THE DANCEFLOOR”, a spoken words anthem for clubbers who want to get back to the free world of dark and sweaty dance floors, unites all together, and that’s what this one is all about.

The entire booming EP is a 4 on 4 mix of powerful grooves, arpeggiators, atmospheres and heavy stabs.
Followed by a brilliant hard techno remix by rising star Nico Moreno!

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