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SIMON SHELDON The Four of Swords CD Album The Freebooter Lounge


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SIMON SHELDON The Four of Swords – CD Album The Freebooter Lounge

Completed in lockdown, The Four of Swords tells a story, there is a quiet stillness that is present in the Four of Swords, a sense of calm peace that moves and builds from the sitar driven opening track Sitarter Sauce to a 303 conclusion in Nirvanabanana.

UK producer Simon Sheldon has been journeying across musical genres for many years, producing everything from Drum n Bass, Reggae, House and Jazz. His new album ‘The Four of Swords’, hails the launch of his new label The Freebooter Lounge and an exciting new musical chapter for Simon as he explores the world of ambient Electronica. Together with guest collaborators Ian ‘Sitar’ Weldon, Spanna, Ciaran Byrne, along with well known Irish musicians Lynley Hamilton and Joel Byrne-McCullough, Simon has created a stunning downtempo musical tapestry that weaves between lush, emotive dreamy grooves and experimental cinematic electronica.


“‘The Four of Swords’ is a collection of tracks I wrote without really any intention to release them at first. I just wanted to experiment freely without having any pretence and self indulge creatively with no boundaries. I’m really happy with the feel of the tracks and how they all fit together. The experience has inspired me to further explore music with a more experimental approach and launch my new label, The Freebooter Lounge, as an outlet for it.” – Simon Sheldon

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