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Infinity Plus One – Rebellion EP – Cyphon Recordings

Operating from the depths of London’s musical underground since the late ‘90s, Infinity Plus One has been quietly toiling away, letting his music do the talking for the past two and a half decades. Cyphon Recordings draft in the veteran producer for a rare four-track EP of Detroit-infused, future-facing house and techno laced with the compelling lyricism of JaronX.

The Rebellion EP sees Infinity Plus One in some of his finest form to date. Leading the charge, ‘Context is Broken’ opens with JaronX’s poignant and passionate lyric on the state of global media, where sensationalism sells more copies than facts. From there, you dive headfirst into a hit of heavy-duty, contorted house. Crisp hats, punchy kicks and echoing stabs are interspersed with twisted electronics and JaronX’s arresting vocals. A sub-rattling bassline hits you square in the chest taking this neural club cut to the next level.

‘Say The Truth’ follows. A glitching, syncopated roller, woven with an entrancing monologue that is modulated and layered into tripped-out harmonies that echo around your brain.

On the flip side, ‘Identity Keeps Changing’ is a morphing techno weapon, where voices and synthesisers oscillate through different forms with every new turn. Rave-infused synth lines, breakbeats and a warped bassline channel that ‘90s warehouse flavour for a kinetic dose of dancefloor bedlam.

Rounding off the EP, the surging chords of ‘Utopia’ ping between your ears. A pulse that rides the kick drum, as dizzying arps and heavenly strings are layered into the mix to form a transfixing, gravity-defying techno immersion.

Fusing lyricism with the depth and dynamism of house and techno’s roots, Infinity Plus One hardwires meaning within his music. Visceral and thought-provoking, it’s a welcome respite in a sea of conformity.

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