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AVA Festival returns

AVA Festival, Ireland’s marquee electronic music festival, will return for its fourth instalment on the 1st and 2nd of June 2018, and will feature a closing party on the 3rd.

16 November 2017 Music  News Read more

Music Training Boosts Children’s Decision Making Skills

A new neurological study (see below) conducted by the University of Southern California (USC) has concluded that in as little as two years of learning, music can change the structure of the brain’s white matter and boost networks implicated in decision making in children.

14 November 2017 Music  News Read more

Bicep Drop ‘Glue’ EP

Belfast duo Bicep have released the latest cut from their smash-hit self-titled debut album, helping round off what has been a tremendous year for Andy & Matt.

2 November 2017 News Read more

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