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OZZIE is a rising force in the Northern Ireland DJ scene and leading light in Belfast club night Algorhythm.

Algorhythm is a Belfast-based event crew and music collective with a vision to blend internationally renonwed artists with the best local talent that the city has to offer.

Over the course of the last year and a half Belfast’s Algorhythm crew have carved about a distinctive niche in a city soundscape saturated in dance music concepts.

With a vision to blend internationally renowned acts with the local artistry that continues to bubble in city’s subterranean, the young collective have showcased a forward looking talent for booking artists prior to them blowing up – such as Kettama – alongside a string of high energy raves with Carlton Doom and Rex the Dog.

Two of the crew’s members have recently indulged in the art of music production – teaming up as the doublet LORD CHROMATIC – and in doing so delivering an eclectic and diverse selection of electro and garage cuts inspired by a city evolving and their wide range of musical influences.

The following and reputation that Algorhythm have developed in such a small amount a time, and in a city with such a small population, is truly a reason to take notice. Through a series of intelligent bookings, passionate residents and a friendly, welcoming nature they are at the forefront of a scene that is maturing and developing.

They’re here to stay. Exciting times await.

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