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MNOTYOURMATE is a Belfast based artist who’s sound focuses on ravey, industrial, hard-hitting techno bangers.

IMNOTYOURMATE is also one half of Belfast based industrial duo ‘PARAGON’, who have a roster of releases on Pitch Dark, Raven Sigh, Industrial Techno United & more under their belt. They debuted their live set alongside Paula Temple and Joefarr in 2016 at one of DSNT’s legendary LUMEN raves, JoeFarr named this gig his top gig of 2016. In 2017 they played their second live set at AVA festival on the same stage as Myler, TinFoil and Rebekah.

IMNOTYOURMATE’s solo alias allows him to produce & play more club friendly, rave driven bangers that connect with a crowd on a dancefloor on a different level, the same connection he enjoyed going to raves growing up and wants others to experience the same feeling he fell in love with. He’s been producing and playing under this alias for under a year but has already played along side Mark Archer, Myler, Nez & the DSNT Residents at LUMEN, showing how he can bang them out just as good as any. He is a versatile DJ and likes to show this off with different styles of classic rave sounds in his sets and productions, from acid to jungle, hard techno to hard house, and industrial.