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A true veteran of the DJ scene, Guy McCandless has been tramping the boards of the DJ booths since 1996 where he could be heard playing live in the bars and clubs of Northern Irelands North Coast. This guy has been techno since day 1 and his constant need to evolve and keep up with the times means his sounds are as fresh today as they were all those years ago and are sure to bring any dance floor to its knees. In his own words, “DJ’s set trends and don’t follow they, so if you keep ahead of the music then you keep yourself in the game”. This mind-set and dedication to his craft has seen him go through a resurgence over the last few years initially becoming very big in the online streaming community where he can be seen and heard on a daily bases for promotions and radio stations worldwide. Guy also holds a monthly residence with local techno brand The Giant’s Organ, where happy punters can catch him blasting his signature style of techno live in The Atlantic Live Lounge / The Dockers Portrush. And let’s not forget his latest appointment as Resident for N.I’s premier record store and music studio, Belfast Underground Records, playing a monthly 1 hour show, so be sure to check it out. DJ Guy McCandless: The past, The present and The Future!!! Booking enquiry –