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UMEK – 1605-V063 – 1605 MUSIC THERAPY



CAT NO1605V063

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Product Description

UMEK – 1605-V063 – 1605 MUSIC THERAPY

‘Cryptic Speech’ opens this release with the thump of UMEK’s trademark kick drum and a pulsating synth line. Dramatic stabs lead to the haunting breakdown which provides an epic hands-in-the-air moment before the percussions slams back in.

‘Bounce That Ass’ has a jacking sound that takes influence from Chicago’s ghetto and booty styles. Chunky percussion and UMEK’s own personal twist add a modern take on the tried and tested style loved by dance floors all over the world. The growling bass stabs, muffles vocals and snare rolls combine to create the fist pumping groove.

‘Killer’ tips its hat to the old school rave scene by utilising retro style synth stabs and a broken beat percussion loop in its timeless breakdown.

‘Navigating’ sees a welcome return to the UMEK’s classic hoover synth arpeggios that gave his early tracks such a stand out sound, and the raw energy is nothing less than superb!