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RED RACK’EM – Wonky Bassline Disco Banger – CLASSIC Vinyl


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RED RACK’EM – Wonky Bassline Disco Banger – CLASSIC Vinyl

Strong contender for dance record of the year- Red Rack’em’s incredibly wonderful and fantastically wonky, Disco Banger, was rereleased on Classic this year.

After a few months of slowly embedding itself in people subconscious, it returns with new mixes.

First up in the marvellously talented KiNK – Strahil is no stranger to Classic, having made a stamp on the label many years ago with his remix 3rd Face. He’s gone from strength to strength with his productions which have been accompanied by his glorious live performances. Kink goes in, heads down with some proper techno Wonk. This is indeed a beast.

On the flip Luke Solomon joins forces with Bristol’s very own Eats Everything and Lord Leopard, creating a Bristol “Circle of Three.” The Luke Eats Leopard edit adds a slight bit of conformity to the drums and the arrangement, without taking out too much of the Wonk but taking it ever so slightly into “house “ territory.

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