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We produce, promote & sell your music

Belfast Underground / Cloud 9 Studios are passionate about the development of local artists and sustainability of our vibrant music scene. We produce, promote and sell local artist music to customers from all over the world.


It’s all about taking that idea that you’ve been practicing for months and turning into the reality of a professional recording.

From ground level young bands in the setup stages, to venue filling professional artists. Working with a studio who understand your needs and have 25 years of experience in the music industry can make a huge difference to your music projects.


From live in-store appearances, vast social media reach and radio broadcasts on Belfast Underground Radio, we can help to get your music noticed by the demographic who matter.


We allocate prime city centre retail space for our local acts to showcase and sell their music to music lovers from all over the world who visit our record store every day.

If you have a music release that you wish to submit for sale at Belfast Underground please fill out our local release submission form HERE