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GUY J, ASTRIX River / Tree of Life MOMENTS


RELEASE DATE – 08-04-2022

GUY J, ASTRIX River / Tree of Life MOMENTS

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Product Description

GUY J, ASTRIX River / Tree of Life MOMENTS

Moments are not just a series of events but also the music label and the brainchild of Guy Mantzur. So far, all of the releases by the record company have been mind-expanding and eye-opening. Attention to detail keeps the A&R in a constant search for the next big thing, drawing attention to the artists playing at the events. The new two- track material hardly comes as a surprise. It is always great to have Guy J behind the decks, and when it comes to his jaw-dropping audio production, he’s in a league of his own. The River is a piece that opens the release, and Guy J joins forces with Astrix in building a new visionary sound. Many producers reach the point where they have too many great tracks to fit into a live set. Astrix reached that peak twenty years ago. And then he just kept producing with even more passion. Famous for his eruptive trance production and praised by critics and fans, Astrix delivers an extra dose of psychedelia, stretching the borders of genre classification. The closing track, Tree of Life, is a solo piece by Guy J, displaying his latest studio techniques. However, the material is far more than just an ear candy for the audiophile nation. The nine-minute arrangement skillfully takes the listener into the unknown, exposing the deep emotional power along the way.

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