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DIM KELLY Nocturna Animal ALL DAY I DREAM Vinyl


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DIM KELLY Nocturna Animal ALL DAY I DREAM Vinyl

DIM KELLY showcases his grand potential via the Nocturna Animal Double EP on All Day I Dream.

Winding through magical soundscapes and classic, organic instrumentation, the Nocturna Animal project is a collection of subtle, yet potent melodies and dance arrangements. Warm tones and pleasant bass lines lend to a welcoming feeling and aesthetic across the projects 8-tracks. The Double EP is led by “Display,” a more tech influenced offering that introduces the complexities of DIM KELLY’s production style.

Quote from DIM KELLY:
“Lee has been supporting my music since the first demos and playing them exactly where I picture them, so ADID naturally became home to the album.”

“Nocturna Animal oscillates between shadow & light.
I make music for people to dance their hearts out. Dense textures rich in emotion, with straight-forward grooves to keep the feet moving is my recipe to create these surreal, sometimes intimate moments of utopia on dance floors.”