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RELEASE DATE – 14-01-2022

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Clive from Accounts is as happy as Larry to present to you the first release on new label Income Trax, his filing cabinet of curiosities.

Lockdown took its toll on Clive. Not the isolation or sense of impending doom – that was normal – but specifically the worldwide marmite shortage in April. On the verge of a ‘Driving to Dundee barefoot’ style meltdown, Clive found solace in his 20 year obsession with Alan ‘foot on a spike’ Partridge.

Taking Musique Concrete to its textbook conclusion, Clive has made music only using sounds from TV series ‘I’m Alan Partridge’. Over 100, mainly foley samples were repurposed into the two title tracks of the Alan EP.

Alan A is a raw yet melodic, big plate of House. Containing everything from drawer slams to air bass, cereal destruction to Black Beauty, this orchestra of found sound makes for some unique and exciting rhythmic textures. Grab a cup of beans and enjoy.

Things take a dubby turn for Alan B. Late night broken beats and sultry bass worthy of Alan’s Deep Bath. Featuring Lynn on jungle time-stretched vocals.

The EP is bought to a close by off-kilter acid-tinged synthwave nugget, Linton TT. It doesn’t fol-low the Partridge sampling rules but needless to say has the last laugh.

Bonus Easter egg for the vinyl heads is a “Dan!” locked groove at the end of side A. Cook a cat!

Label info:
Income Trax is Clive from Accounts’ filing cabinet of curiosities. Home for his more eccentric and exotic ideas.

Artist Bio:
Regional tiddlywinks champion, stationary cupboard loiterer and all-round beige sky thinker, Clive From Accounts likes two things; pens and music. But mainly pens. Using springs, tape and old synths with fonts he admires, Clive creates the musical equivalent of warm photocopies. If it’s going to be that kind of party, Clive’s going to put his Filofax in the mashed potato.

It’s been an interesting couple of years for Clive. After being picked up by keen-eared funk wizards Fouk, Clive’s vinyl debut hit the shelves perfectly to coincide with the largest record shop and club closure in living memory. Undeterred and with a fire in his belly no amount of pepto-bismol could squash, he pressed on.
A string of releases on highly respected labels On The Corner in London (making the Guardian’s best tracks of 2020) and Dirt Crew Recordings in Berlin have led him nicely into the second half of 2021 with an EP on New York disco colossus Razor n Tape and the debut release of his own label: Income Trax.