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Alex Kassian Strings Of Eden PINCHY & FRIENDS


Alex Kassian Strings Of Eden PINCHY & FRIENDS

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Alex Kassian Strings Of Eden PINCHY & FRIENDS

For their 6th vinyl-only release, Kassian provides an addendum, an addition, a supplement – if you will – to his Leave Your Life EP. Here, he elaborates on ‘Spirit of Eden’, the dreamy B-side of last summer’s well-received EP.

On side A, we have the EP’s title track; a lush reimagining of the original, which lives up to its ‘Strings’ moniker, but still has enough percussive oomph to get feet moving on the dance floor.

On the B-side, we have ‘Strings of Eden (Garden Mix) ft: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’. This one foregoes any backbeat and lays the strings on even heavier, utilizing the talents of Los Angeles’ Atwood-Ferguson, who is renowned for his kaleidoscopic string arrangements in the jazz, classical and experimental genres.

The EP closes out with a new offering: The gorgeous, airy, cinematic ‘Passing Clouds’.

Please note this will be a one-time pressing, on 180 gram vinyl. Not to be missed.

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